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Nothing earth shattering here. Just some first shots with my new Fuji GFX100s. Shot with the GF23 f4.0 and the GF100-200 f5.6. Several are focus stacked designated by the"FS" in the image name.

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens shot is a 12 shot stitched panorama, using the GF110 f2, and stitched in PTGui and finished in Photoshop.
Norfolk Botanical GardensChesArboritum_20210906_078ChesArboritum FS03ChesArboritum FS02ChesArboritum FS01ChesArboritum FS04ChesArboritum_20210906_017ChesArboritum FS06ChesArboritum FS05ChesArboritum_20210906_001ChesArboritum_20210906_002ChesArboritum FS07ChesArboritum FS08Lake DrummondStormy Sunset